rhs_icon_1The Rindge Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that is responsible for cataloging, maintaining and displaying historical town records and artifacts. In 1994 the society purchased the Freeborn Stearns House, c. 1815, near the town center and converted it into a museum to house its collection.

The museum has an enviable collection of agricultural and industrial artifacts, works of art, maps, books, photographs, diaries and letters dating back to the 18th century. Featured artifacts include the discharge papers of Eleazer Blake signed by George Washington, and the hand painted sleigh of William Dean who was mysteriously murdered in Jaffrey.

As part of its outreach program to the community, the society works with local schools and Franklin Pierce University as a source for research materials, holds open houses and programs for the display of artifacts, and provides a resource for genealogical reference. Looking for an ancestor buried in Rindge? Try the link to the Meetinghouse Cemetery or Hillside Cemetery on Findagrave.com.

Sargeant Eleazor Blake

Sargeant Eleazor Blake

A town’s history is one of its most valuable assets, and as its custodian, the Rindge Historical Society makes it come alive for the community.

Among other things, the Rindge Historical Society is fortunate to be the custodian of many of Revolutionary War veteran Eleazer Blake’s personal effects, including a photograph of Eleazer taken late in his life, one of the few examples of an actual photograph of someone who fought in the revolutionary war. To learn more about Eleazer Blake, click here.

Verissima Productions recently produced a short video about Eleazer Blake from footage they originally produced as part of a project they had planned to do. Watch it below: